RMHS Testimonials

Joel Griffith, Coaching Director, Salmon Hockey

As a hockey dad and coach, RMHS provides me, my family, and all our association's skaters an extraordinary opportunity. Year after year RMHS not only provides significant development and growth for the player but RMHS itself just keeps getting better. Wehn program models for others by expanding its own developmental capability you at some point must realize that this is were a player needs to be! We could do it with out RMHS!!!

Josh Bartunick, Hockey Dad

Coach Smith's passion for hockey is contagious and the kids all love him. My son is no exception, as he has thoroughly enjoyed every RMHS camp he has attended. Highly Recommended!

Brian Berg, Hockey Dad

" Bryan, I wanted to reach out to thank you for the program you put together. Bradley and I recently returned from Breckenridge and cannot say enough good things about the program. From the attention to detail by the coaches to the experience with the other children, the facility, and the overall program you guys assembled. Bradley had his first game upon returning and its clear his confidence on the ice, and in the game improved measurably. Not only is Bradley faster, more agile on the ice, his perspective of the game and play improved. I notice it and he notices it. While Florida to Breckenridge is a hike uphill, I can’t imagine we won’t be making the trip again next summer." Thanks to you and your crew for the work put into making it a success. Brian Berg, Hockey Parent

Bo Hanson, RMHS Staff Member, RMHS Former Student, University of Denver, Player

RMHS was a camp I always looked forward to in the summer. RMHS taught me a lot about the fundamentals of hockey that I still use in my game today. I would not be the player I am today without the help from the RMHS staff from back when I was young. They emphasize a learning environment that is conducive to both getting better and having fun.

Ryan Larese RMHS Camper

I found that each camp was helpful based on camp focus because of the variety of things each camp has to offer. It is a lot of fun attending new camps because I always know that I will leave the camp with more knowledge and skill than when I showed up.

Kevin Tye, Former Flagstaff Youth Hockey President

The Rocky Mountain Hockey Schools coaches really connect with the kids. They pay attention to details, correct mechanics, and don’t just run the kids through drills to get them tired. They actually pay attention to every skater during every drill to ensure they are mechanically sound and get the kids to rise to their potential. I think the reason why the quality and attention to detail are so awesome is, actual RMHS staff run the camps themselves, they don’t fleece it out and hire local D2 and D3 players to run the camps for them, so they can run fifty camps a summer to turn a massive profit.