Elite Camp On-Ice

On Ice Instruction

The high-intensity on-ice curricula for the RMHS Selects Camp are designed & implemented each day by our professional NCAA,  Junior, and/or Top Tier 1 coaching staff. Drawing from their countless years of coaching and scouting, these coaches can design a program that will best prepare each player for elite-level hockey.

These camps are treated like overall skill development and team camps, and as such, our staff views them as training camps focusing on speed, intensity, systems, puck movement, small zone games, battles, and competitions. In addition, we include individual skill development to allow our players to better incorporate their individual skills into the overall development and game situations created in the camp. Through proper development of individual skills and an in-depth understanding of tactical team situations, proper player development is the goal of every RMHS camp.

Each position's technical and tactical aspects could be covered in-depth during the camp, as outlined below.

Offensive Skills

Technical: Puck control, puck protection, skating with speed & power, passing, shooting, shot tipping, puckhandling, dekes, and fakes.

Tactical: Cycling, systems, positioning, movement, playing away from the puck, support, offensive attacks, communication, down-low play, breakouts, power play theory, and penalty kill theory.

Defensive Skills

Technical: Puck control, puck protection, body play, skating with speed & power, lateral movement, and shooting.

Tactical: Positioning, systems, offensive attacks against, playing odd-man rushes, pinching, breakouts, dumping the puck, proper gap control, joining the rush, angling, and communication.

Goaltending Skills

Technical: Movement, positioning, rebound control, playing the puck, and recovery

Tactical: Movement in the crease, save selection, and game situations


Dedicated Goaltending Coach

This camp is not a straight-up skaters' camp nor a straight-up Goaltenders' camp. It is a camp geared towards preparing all players for Elite level hockey and is treated as an overall skill development and team camp. And as such, we have added a goalie-specific coach to be on-ice with each group, working solely with the goaltenders daily.

Not only will this coach be responsible for all goaltender-specific training each day, but they will conduct all one-on-one exit interviews and player evaluations for all Goaltenders.

Specialty Ice Sessions

Each night, all players will participate in a 1-hour specialty ice session. These sessions have become very popular with the players as they focus on specific skills each player wants to work on and are a chance for each athlete to work one-on-one with the coaches on individual skills such as skating, shooting, goaltending, movement, face-offs, etc.

Weekly Groupings

All RMHS Selects Camp participants are evaluated during the Sunday night evaluation skate and placed into groups based on their age and ability to ensure proper competition and development levels within the groups. Each group will be comprised of two teams, and preliminary groupings will be posted on Monday before the day's first on-ice session. These teams will practice with each other during every activity throughout the week and compete against each other during the three weekly Showcase Games.

PLEASE NOTE: These groups ARE NOT FINAL, and all players are subject to movement within the groups based on their on-ice performance at ANY TIME throughout the week. Many players get moved from group to group as the Sunday night evaluations are based on a 60-minute performance and are, therefore, very preliminary. However, this is a necessary precaution to ensure the physical safety of each player in camp.