RMHS Selects Elite Camp

TBA, 2022 -

RMHS Selects Elite Camp, the necessary camp for exposure to better prepare Peewee & Bantam players (2008-2011) for the Elite hockey level.  Providing professional skill development and the necessary exposure to NCAA, NAHL, and Tier 1 coaches/ scouts.  

A complete development, training & exposure program.

Duration: 1 week

Daily On- Ice Development:  3-4 hours

Daily Off-Ice Development: 3 hours

Additional: Elite Hockey Seminars, Exposure Games, state of the art facilities. 

RMHS Elite Selects Camp is a turning point program. Train with dedicated,  hard-working elite players from all over.  If you’re making investments in making the step to push yourself and step up your game, please feel free to apply for the RMHS Selects Elite Camp today. 

2021 Facilities - Big Bear Ice Arena - Denver, CO


The 2021 RMHS Selects Elite Camp will be hosted at the Big Bear Ice Arena this year. Big Bear Ice Arena will replace The University of Denver this year. Big Bear is conveniently located 25 minutes from the Denver International Airport. 


The athletes will train off-ice on a state of the art off-ice training centre located in the Big Bear Ice Arena. They will be training professionally trained staff from the Edge Performance Center. The athletes will also have the opportunity to train on the outdoor rink located right next to the Big Bear Ice Arena. 

RMHS Elite Selects Coaching Staff 

The RMHS Elite Selects Coaching Staff takes a personal investment in all aspects of the player development process. All staff are current or former NCAA, ECHL, TIer I/II junior Coaches/Scouts, Tier I/II youth hockey coaches, and youth hockey directors. Our coaching staff for this camp is willing to dedicate their time and expertise to the better development of youth hockey and pass on the knowledge of what it takes to be a tier athlete both on and off the ice. These coaches are great resources and influences in the hockey world and we are lucky to have them!  


2022 RMHS Selects Elite Camp Staff


  • 3 Hockey Wolf Exposure Game 3 Hockey Wolf Exposure Games 
  • 2- 25 min halves stop time 
  • Certified USA Hockey Referees 
  • Compete & compare skills against their elite peers 
  • Hockey Wolfe Player of the Week


An award presented to the RMHS Selects Elite Camp player voted on by the RMHS Staff.

Voted by RMHS staff on attributes: hard-working, respectful of coaches & teammates, coachable & fun! The player of the week will receive a brand new CCM, Sargent, Bauer or Warrior stick for their hard work and dedication! 


Cost - 

Day Camper - $775

Resident Camper - $N/A

Player Evaluations

RMHS Elite Selects Camp proudly partners with SportsBoard, a top athletic evaluation system.  SportsBoard allows RMHS Campers to gain a competitive edge in recruiting, streamline the assessment process, & simplifying all RMHS camp operations. In addition to SportsBoard, an Elite Selects Camp Staff member will perform a 1-on-1 exit interview discussing the player's strengths and weaknesses.  The greater input will be seen in the live video footage and extensive evaluation in SportsBoard at the completion of camp.  RMHS encourages all Elite Selects campers to take full advantage of our Staff’s connections, knowledge, experience and guidance to continue to the next level.  

Joining the RMHS Elite Selects Family 

The RMHS staff welcomes all Elite Selects campers and families to the RMHS family. RMHS strives to feature our athletes and their accomplishments all year long.  Follow us on social media and always feel free to ask the RMHS Staff about teams, camps, showcases, or anything else regarding player development. Being a part of the RMHS family is on a growing network of contacts to help players and families anytime.   

Day & Resident Campers

RMHS Elite Selects Camp to provide only day camper option this year.  Due to ongoing COVID restrictions, the RMHS staff will not host any resident camper options at any of our camps in the 2021 camp season. 

Daily RMHS Selects Elite Camp Schedule

The daily camp schedule consists of 3 hours on-ice, 3 hours off-ice and Junior Hockey Seminars, team building, and other helpful classroom sessions each day, The detailed schedule has been posted for your convenience below. Please click the link to download this file:

RMHS Selects Elite Camp - Daily Schedule
    Sunday - TBA   Monday-Friday - TBA   Saturday - TBA

Group #1

3:45-4:45pm - On-Ice   8:00-9:15am - On-Ice   8:30-9:45am - On-Ice
        9:30-10:30am - Off-Ice    
        10:45-11:45am - Classroom    
        11:45am-12:45pm - Lunch    
        1:00-2:15pm - On-Ice    
        2:30-3:30pm - Team Building    
        3:30-4:15pm - Dinner    
        4:45-5:45pm - On-Ice    
        6:00pm - Athlete Pick Up    

Group #2

5:00-6:00pm - On-Ice   9:30-10:45am - On-Ice   10:00-11:15am - On-Ice
        11:00am-12:00pm - Off-Ice    
        12:00-1:00pm - Lunch    
        1:00-2:00pm - Classroom    
        2:30-3:45 - On-Ice    
        4:00-4:45pm - Dinner    
        4:45-5:30pm - Team Building    
        6:00-7:00pm - On-Ice