Elite Camp Off-Ice Training

Strength & Conditioning

Active Training Advocates (ATA) will be our lead performance training staff this summer. ATA will be training athletes in a professional high-altitude environment on their mobile strength training facility and partnering with local performance specialists for cycle, endurance, strength, and mindset performance. The training environment is designed to teach them accountability, leadership, dedication, and determination to excel in sports and life. Putting the fundamentals of biomechanics, injury prevention, and training into action, we strive to develop complete athletic literacy in physical, cognitive, social & psychological realms.

 To learn more about Active Training Advocates, check out their website.

The coaches will run the athletes through several core muscle strength, conditioning, and flexibility drills utilized by the NHL in the free weights room and gymnasium, to achieve the desired results. The goal is to improve each player's overall core strength and flexibility at the camp and properly educate the players on how to properly continue this development training long after they depart the camp.

Hockey Wolf Pro-Fit Session

RMHS is pleased to announce that our official equipment sponsor, Hockey Wolf, will conduct a pro-fit Session for the RMHS Selects Camp. Hockey Wolf pro-fit sessions help educate players on the latest technology and products in hockey and ensure the proper fitting of all equipment individually. All Hockey Wolf pro-fit Sessions will be conducted by one of their professional staff members. 

Higher Avenues of Hockey & Proper Elite Hockey Etiquette Seminars

Along with the 2x daily Strength Training sessions, each camper will attend daily College and/or Junior Hockey Seminars. These seminars will focus on various topics related to the Business of Hockey. Topics will include college and junior hockey, recruiting and exposure opportunities, Junior team try-outs, the importance of good grades, successful systems and tactics currently being utilized by collegiate and professional teams, getting along with your coaches, how to get noticed, how to promote yourself, what to do when a team expresses interest in you, mental toughness, what do coaches and scouts look for in a player on-ice, off-ice and in the classroom.

These instructional sessions are conducted by the coaches on staff each week and are open to players and parents alike.