Staff Information

Staffing Philosophy

First and foremost, our staff members are educators. RMHS instructors are all accomplished coaches, trainers, and teachers who are responsible for youth hockey associations, professional hockey clubs, college clubs, and even third-grade classrooms. As a result, we are well trained to be able to listen, observe and talk with each camper to determine what they NEED to work on, and what they WANT to work on. This builds a solid developmental foundation for the rest of the camp and allows us to determine the best way to work with, reach, and educate each of our students on an individual level.

Many camps post decisive student: teacher ratios, even going so far as hiring high school-aged players with little or no teaching experience to meet these stated numbers. We take a different approach. We do not believe it is the NUMBER of staff that is important, but the QUALITY of the staff that truly dictates the success of any program. RMHS utilizes its Instructor Training Protocol to train and prepare its staff to teach the RMHS Skill Development Camp Progressions, properly manage all on-ice sessions, and to effectively and individually communicate with each camper. As a result of this commitment, our camps are staffed by Head and Lead Instructors only, all of whom are highly trained, more experienced, and better suited to the management and teaching needs inherent in an RMHS camp.

Join the RMHS Staff!

Please review the staff bios listed below for information on our professional coaching staff. 

Want to become an RMHS Staff Member? Please send an email to Bryan Smith. In this email please include a hockey resume along with all of your contact info.


RMHS Alumni Coaches

The RMHS Alumni Coaches are coaches that have shown leadership over the years as students and express interest in growing their coaching involvement. They display the patience to work with all ages and levels of youth hockey players. Some of our best staff members are our alumni, they understand the curriculum and mission RMHS wants players to learn.  


Student/Intern Coaches

RMHS prides itself in developing our students as well as developing young, aspiring coaches looking to be involved with young athletes and coaching hockey. These coaches may still be pursuing a career in hockey at the high school, Tier I, or Junior levels.  Student/Intern Coaches are often looked at as superstars and provide a great example to our current campers the level they too can achieve.