Camp Format



Regarding teaching, RMHS bases its coaching and training on clear and concise communication based on each individual's capacity for learning. To properly educate a player on these skills, we strive to understand how that person learns by hearing, seeing, or feeling (touch). Since all of our staff are trained educators, we value this principle and utilize these three basic concepts as the foundation for our teachings.

For example, we describe and diagram each drill in detail on a coaching board or the ice for all players to see and hear. Next, our staff demonstrates the drill for each player to see, and finally, each player performs the drill multiple times to feel the response we are trying to elicit correctly. In addition, each student is positively reinforced to ensure proper execution and development. Repetition of perfectly executed movements is how one retains the correct muscle memory inherent in any properly developed athletic move. 

Each camp includes 3 hours of on-ice instruction per day in a 5-day camp. Each session comprises many European influences, small zone games, creativity, technique, skill, and system development exercises (please see our for a specific camp syllabus).

We guarantee each student will become a better player from an RMHS camp.



Player Skill Camps:

8:00 am                          Check-in

9:00 - 10:30 am              On-Ice Training Session #1

11:00 am - 12:00 pm      Dryland Training

12:15 pm                        Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 pm                On-Ice Training Session #2

3:00 - 3:30 pm                Hockey Chalk Talk


Mite Camps:

11:00 am                        Check-in

11:45 - 1:15 pm              On-Ice Training Session #1

1:30 pm                          Lunch or Snack

2:00 - 3:00 pm                Dryland Training



Dryland Training

Our progressive dryland training circuit focuses on plyometric exercises to enhance an athlete's quick-twitch muscles. We utilize these plyometric exercises along with Overspeed training through speed chutes, power harnesses', and bungee cords to help augment the quickness, speed, and power development initiated on-ice.

Conditioning Circuits

Conditioning and flexibility are discussed and encouraged during these sessions by educating players on proper hydration, how to prepare for a game or practice, how to train during the pre-season, and what each player can do to maintain their optimal physical condition during the season.

Stretching/Flexibility Sessions

RMHS Staff will run the students through a daily stretching progression. We teach different styles of stretching that will allow them to improve their on-ice performance.

Most young athletes do not understand the role stretching plays in preventing injuries. Not only will RMHS staff teach the students how and when to stretch, but we will also extensively cover static and kinetic stretching and why they are so crucial to an athlete's performance.

Video Review

We will review stopping, starting, and proper techniques during our Video Review sessions. RMHS Staff will use our professional stride analysis program to review the complete hockey stride thoroughly. This will allow players to see themselves in a video and receive the proper corrections to improve their skating efficiency.

The RMHS Staff will also use these sessions to review videos of NHL, collegiate, and European games to identify better and learn correct tendencies, systems, and tactics.

Hockey Chalk Talk

Every RMHS camp will include a daily 30-minute hockey chalk talk. In these sessions, RMHS Staff will discuss performance improvement topics such as proper nutrition, hydration, higher avenues of hockey, drug prevention, and Sports Physiology. The Staff will also quiz the players through the camp to be sure they understand how they can negatively affect their athletic and interpersonal lives via these habits.


Sports Board Mobile Player Assessment 

Rocky Mountain Hockey Schools is proud to announce a new partnership with SportsBoard: a Mobile Player Assessment Solution.  Through their camp-specific platform, RMHS will now offer video evaluations with audio critiques and customized technical evaluations for every camper.