RMHS Virtual Coaching

RMHS Virtual Coaching 

Video Your Athletes - 
Have you ever been at one of your athletes’ hockey games and video all their shifts? 80% of parents would answer yes to this question. RMHS has developed a new virtual coaching platform to put these videos to use. Let the pros at RMHS breakdown each shift and help your players become a smarter hockey player with our new virtual coaching program. 

Program Outline - 
RMHS is super excited to launch its first-ever virtual coaching service. We love to see the growth and progress of all of our athletes year-over-year in our summer camps. The only thing missing from our relationship with all of you is the ability to provide feedback to you on gameplay footage you send to us throughout the year. 

How It Works?
Game Film - 
Parents video their athletes during gameplay throughout the season and then upload the video to an RMHS provided DropBox account. RMHS Staff will then evaluate the video gameplay and provide professional feedback to the athletes. 

Evaluated Categories
    •    For Forwards and Defense, we will evaluate 5 categories (offensive and defensive awareness, vision, skating skills, puck skills, and team play)

    •    For Goalies, we will evaluate rebound control, movement, positioning, patience, situational game awareness. 

Skill Sessions -
The players that have the opportunity to work with one of our RMHS staff members during a private on-ice skills session will have video taken of them within the Sportsboard platform. The coaches will then be able to breakdown the video and provide specific feedback to the athlete to work on within their next game sessions. These skill sessions can be booked at one of our winter clinics if the ice time is available outside of the clinic or scheduled with one of our staff members at our home arena the Edge Ice Arena in Littleton, Colorado. To book a private skill session with one of our staff members please email Bryan Smith. Email Bryan Here

There will be no number system ratings on each of these categories. These categories mentioned above will be followed by note fields for the evaluator to fill out their notes on the videos provided by the customer. 

We will deliver digital evaluations using SportsBoard, the same assessment platform we use at our camps which of you are already familiar with.  

Price Structure - 
1 gameplay video - $120
1 60 minute skills session - $100
3 pre-paid gameplay sessions -  $330
3 60 minute skills session - $275

Best Age Ranges -
This program will benefit the ages 11-18 year olds and is for both male and female athletes. 
The RMHS staff wants to be sure that all the athletes that take advantage of it take it seriously and will see it as a benefit to become a smarter hockey player. 

Video Tips for Parents - 
    1.    The higher you can get yourself in the arena the better. The top view will offer our staff a better view of the overall gameplay surrounding your athlete. 

    2.    Try to avoid videoing through marked-up glass or surrounding rink nets if possible. 

    3.    Sound does not matter in the evaluation process. Our staff will be evaluating skills, ice awareness, Hockey IQ, and positioning of the athletes. 

While taking the video do not coach your athlete during the video process. Let your athlete watch the videos before submitting them to our staff and create a self evalution on how they felt they played. Giving feedback of the good, the bad, and when they need to do better.  
    5.    Only provide film of your athletes shifts and not the whole game. This will make it much easier for our staff to spend more quality time your athletes evalution process. 
    6.    Try and start the video of your athlete when they step onto the ice and end video when they skate all the way to the bench and they are on the bench. 

How do I pay?

You will be provided with a payment link when you submit your videos to the RMHS staff. After we receive payment we will start working on your athletes evalution process. 

Evaluation Turnaround Time - 
The RMHS staff will need 5 to 7 business days to turn around each evaluation. We take pride in all of evaluations and want to be able to review the provided video clips in full detail to offer each of our athletes an educational experience within this process.

Who are your Evaluators?
The Evaluation team is made up of current and former and current professional, junior, tier I coaches along with youth hockey program directors. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and background it takes to break down game film to help increase your athlete’s overall hockey IQ and game awareness.

For more questions please email Bryan Smith - Email Bryan Here