Skill Development Camp FAQ

What are the different age groups?
Group I: 10 & Younger, Mites - Squirts
Group II: 11 & Up, PW’s – Midgets
Some Camps may be ran differently depending on the hockey community make up

How do I register for a camp?
Online is where we push all of registrations. It is 2017 so everyone is trained to do this. If you have someone who is not we can figure it out…have them call RMHS and we can help them get through this process

What is the RMHS website address?

Do I have to capitalize the “RMHS” in the web address or email to get it to work?
NO. I have to do it b/c a lower case ‘R’ and a lower case ‘M’ tend to run together and look like a big ‘M’. People then do not see the ‘R’ and end up typing it in correct and not having it work.

How can I contact them directly?
Bryan Smith can be reached at:
Phone: 970.389.7211 or out of Colorado at 877.848.RMHS
Email: CLICK HERE to email directly with any questions you may have

Where is the Registration Page on the website? I can’t find it!
Every camp that RMHS is hosting has its own page on our website. You can find multiple spots on these pages to access our online registration page. CLICK HERE to access this page as well. 

What ages are the RMHS Summer Skill Development Camps for?
Ages 6-18, any skill level certain locations we do offer adult clinics. I do ask the any player have good fundamental skating skills. We are not a learn to skate camp. I also ask the parents to be sure that their child can handle the full day schedule. They are long days for sure. 

Is the daily schedule online?
Yes. Each camps daily camp schedule is posted online, you can find them on the camp listing page when you register. Each camp has its own dedicated page with all the information you will need to know about each location. There is a link that will show you the daily schedule. Times can change depending on registration levels. If they do change it will not be to much. 

Is there a registration deadline?
No, however please sign up as early as possible so we at RMHS can organize the best possible staff and experience for our campers and their families as possible.

What are the max players per group?
35 per group 32 players and 4 goaltenders

What is the coach to player ratio?
We at RMHS feel that properly qualified staff members are more important than the amount of staff on and off ice. We do not market a specific coach to player ratio because we have the most qualified staff on and off ice at all times. A big gimmick in most other hockey camps who market a coach to player ratio is the fact they will only have one to two qualified staff members on ice and all of the other coaches will be unqualified. Our coaches on and off ice are trained through our coaching systems and philosophies and most of them coach or teach in some form for a living year round. Please check out our Instructor Training Protocol on the RMHS website to see how we qualify our staff. 

Does RMHS have a Group Discounts program? 
Yes. Please call Bryan Smith at the info above for more information.

What about Family Discounts?
Yes. The first child to register pays full tuition, and each additional child receives $25 off full tuition price.

What time is registration/check-in on Monday mornings?
Please show up 30-45 minutes before your first scheduled ice session.

What do I need for registration/check-in?
You need to have completed and returned the Health Form/Liability Waiver, and be paid in full before your player can step on the ice. We will provide these forms on day one of the camp. 

Do we, the parents, have to stay around and supervise during the day?
No. The students are supervised the entire time they are scheduled to be in camp.

Can we stay and watch?
Of course! The more you learn the better as well. 

Is lunch provided?
Lunch is not provided for any day camps. We leave that up to the parents as they know best what they want their children to eat. If there is a camp that we do provide lunch this will be advertised from day one. 

Are the players supervised at lunch?

What is the RMHS Selects?

The RMHS Selects is a program designed for the best of the best at our RMHS camps. We will be taking the best players at all of our camps over the
summer to Europe for a week to compete against European teams of the same age and skill level.

How do I qualify for the RMHS Selects?
Each interested player must email a complete player report to Director of Hockey Operations Bryan Smith. Included in this email must be current year player team and stats, player size, position, shot direction, family contact info, coach name & contact number. Upon receipt of completed player report, RMHS will contact each coach for an in-depth player recommendation and evaluation. After speaking with each coach, RMHS staff will make a determination about each player and notify you about our decision. Please allow 2-3 weeks for an answer.