Player Fundraising Opportunities

RMHS has created a great fundraising program to help the 2020 RMHS Tour Participants raise money to help defray the costs of the upcoming tour. The best part of this program is... every single dollar raised by the athlete, goes directly to the athlete! We have found this to be very beneficial to prospective sponsors as the people in your circle of influence want to help YOU, not the entire team, and therefore are much more inclined to help out in this scenario.

We have provided step by step instructions on starting you campaign, creating your personal player page, and advice on reaching out to friends, family, and contacts to help increase the success of your campaign. In addition, at the very bottom of this page, we have included a document that you can download, print and hand out to all potential sponsors.

How It Works
Create your own fundraising page! Simply create your profile and link the location you want your funds to be deposited into. This page allows each player to setup their own personal fundraising page, complete with their own personal fundraising goals. You can then reach out to your network of family and friends, tell "your story" and ask for sponsorships. Each player will have a goal listed on their personal page, determined by you and your family, which you will strive to achieve . This goal may sound like a lot but when pitched correctly it is not (Remember… you are asking people to Sponsor your player not donate... it’s all in a word that drives people to action). 

Once your page is created, start sharing it! But be sure to have fun with it and to NOT treat it like the everyday, run of the mill fundraiser. Tell your network it’s like taking your player out to lunch, Starbucks or dinner. If 10 friends “Contributed” $25.00 each, you will have raised $250.00. The more you communicate to your network of friends the better your campaign will be. Today, a majority of people have a Facebook page or a Linked-In type of social media. If you have one, please add you personal link to your social media pages and also encourage all of your contacts to do the same. Remember… the greater the size of your network, the greater the net worth of your campaign.

Let's Get Started!

1. Create your own personal Tour Fundraising Page
Create your profile and necessary information and receive your fundraising link! Make it personal & tell your story. Sample Athlete Profile HERE

2. Send RMHS your Page
Once your funraising page is complete please send the link to us.  We will then help broadcast it on our website, giving you exposure to more people.
RMHS Player Fundraising Page Example

3. Share Your Link By Inviting Your Contact Base
Send a personal email to those that you want to contribute or sponsor and tell them about your cause. The more compelling you are about your cause the more success you will have. Please keep in mind, you are not asking for a lot of money just a little from a lot of people.  Make sure you are stating that this support is for your player’s hockey trip and the opportunity for them to compete against, as well as train with, some of the best hockey players in Europe.  Once you have registered your friends, family and co-workers they will see some photos and a note from your player. They can easily make a contribution as well as leave a note or comment on the page. Add something fun in your note like… instead of buying me lunch this week, please sponsor me on my trip to Europe.

4. Invite Your Social Network
Post a Twitter, Facebook or other social network message about the event/cause. Keep in mind, this part of your campaign is the most critical. Each players page will have icons on the bottom of the website to “Share this post” to any of the social networks you are connected to. We also need you to go to our fan page where we post updates and other news. It is important that you become (and encourage others) a fan or friend of the RMHS Facebook here.

5. Ask Friends to Help You Promote
You can get other people (brother, sister, friend or someone who owes you a favor) to help you promote your campaign by asking them to copy your link and post it on their own websites, Facebook pages and other social media sites.

Remember, Communication is King! The more you communicate with your network, the more success you will have.

If you have any questions please contact Coach Smitty.