Weekly Camp Awards

CCM/RBK Player of the Week
RMHS is proud to announce that we have teamed back up with CCM & RBK as our official sponsor for 2016. CCM/RBK are the leaders in hockey equipment quality and technology is one more reason for RMHS to continue to be able to offer our players the total development package at all of our camps. 
CCM/RBK donates player of the week gloves at all our skill development camps. These gloves are given to the player that displays the following characteristics:

  • Leadership
  • Improvement
  • Coachability
  • Work Ethic

Aspire Beverage Hardest Worker of the Week
Aspire Beverages is our newest sponsor and they will be giving away a nice prize package for the camper that displays the hard work both on and off-ice from the start to finish of the camp. 

Smart Hockey Player of the Game
At every RMHS camp we finish off the week with a final game between teams. This is a great chance for the players to display what they have learned all week in a game situation. The coaching staff will pick a player from each team that goes above and beyond in the final game each week.