Hockey 360

Ice Awareness and Vision are so key to becoming an Elite hockey player. Players at the highest levels make vital mistakes (career ending) by simply watching the puck and not what and who is away from the puck. The game of hockey is a crazy fast game as we all know and that is why we all love it so much. Most instruction and coaching in todays hockey world will miss one key piece to the game. Vision and Awareness or what we call Hockey 360.

The ability to simply look around and be aware of everything on the ice surface. Always being a step a head mentally of your opponent. Creating time and space for you and your teammates with simple vision techniques. It is almost if you make everything become slow motion in the game and break down your every next move. Always having the ability to know where your opponent is and what they are doing next. Complete vision and awareness all around your body 360 degrees. It is essential for a player to learn this and at RMHS you will. It is more to us than just running flow drills and small games. If you are looking for the ultimate development experience you must come to a summer RMHS Skill Development Camp to get the whole experience. Our training methods are proven to make players excel at the levels they currently play at and even training them to become a player at the next level.

Hockey 360 Off-Ice
RMHS strives to create the best possible environment for all of our students and families both on and off-ice. The RMHS staff members all come from a very experienced playing and coaching background and are dedicated to make sure all the families that are involved with our programs are getting the proper education for their children. The RMHS staff is known for developing young athletes and giving them the tools to learn what it takes to get to the next level of their game. This would include just improving within the level they currently play at or getting to the next level or even three above what they currently are playing at. 

The RMHS staff is very proud of the fact that we have hundreds of alumni that currently are playing at the AAA, AA, Junior, College, & Pro levels. All of them would be very excited to say that RMHS gave them a great foundation both on and off-ice early in their careers. Our staff is also committed to consulting with any families to make sure that they are getting the correct advice and being steered down the correct path in their hockey careers moving forward both on and off-ice. 

Wether it is knowing about other hockey camps, certain coaching techniques, hockey politics, hockey at the next level, career guidance, systems knowledge, equipment questions, safety awareness, or you just want to talk hockey, our staff is committed to being their for you!