Lori Dehart

Our daughter, Ryanne Dehart, attended the elite program for RMHS in Missoula last summer.  We were very pleased with the instruction and coaching at the camp - it is the first camp she has attended that her gender did not influence the way she was treated on the ice.  At other camps, the coaching staff either ignored her completely (seemingly not sure how to instruct a girl) or treated her as if she didn't know a thing about hockey.  (For the past 8 years she has played on the boys' team and has been on the Montana Girls Select team for the past 3 years so her skills are quite good.)  Anyway, we were so impressed with the camp that we made the decision right away to enroll her again.  So when a week of camp was one of the items donated to the local area fund raising event last fall, we were very excited to have made the winning bid.  We look forward to another fantastic camp this summer and will recommend it to everybody we can.

Hockey Mom, Missoula, MT.